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To be a healthier school where healthy lifestyles are promoted and people are encouraged to make healthy choices.

To help those less fortunate than ourselves by raising awareness of health issues and by fundraising.

We want to achieve this across the school with pupil, adult and community support and participation by planning and organising events for the school and the community.


  • We have a dedicated Health Group of pupils and staff volunteers.
  • We have gathered ideas from the pupils for how we can be more healthy.
  • Genes for Jeans Day event in September 2017 which raised £188

We learnt about Genes and how you inherit them from your parents. Some conditions are genetics so if your parents have them, you could have them.  Our fundraising will go towards research which explores genetics and helps families with genetics disorders.

Later in the year, we will be planning a health week and we will be exploring the Be Kind Campaign.