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Health Group

Aim and objective:

To be a healthier school where healthy liefestyles are promoted and people are encouraged to make healthy choices.

To help those less fortunate than ourselves by raising awareness of health issues and by fundraising support,

We want to achieve this across the school with pupil, adult and community support and participation by planning and organising events for the school and the community.


  • We have a dedicated Health Group of pupil abd staff volunteers.
  • We have gathered ideas from the pupils for how we can be more healthy.
  • We have introduced a Fruity Wednesday in term 2 where ‘House Points’ will be given if 80% of the class have a piece of fruit for break.

Health Community Group
P2: Marshall Walker, Sophie Craig
P3: Thomas Short, Lexi Nicholas
P4: Skye Downie, Deacon cooper
P5: Erin McRobbie, Liam Bruce
P6: Derren Downie, Zac Pearson
P7: MacKenzie Stephen, Blair McCallum