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Pupil Council

Aim and objective:

Pupil Council gets pupils more involved in the way Rosehearty school is run and gathers the views of the pupils in the school about what improvements they would like to make in the school.

Pupil Council has two representatives from each class from Primary 2 to Primary 7 who have to be voted in by other pupils in the class each year.

Pupil Council benefits the whole school, pupils, teachers and parents. It provides opportunities for pupils to communicate their feelings to teachers and staff as well as influence decisions that are made.

Pupil Council gives pupils the opportunity to develop skills such as confidence, communication and negotiation.


  • Organised Macmillan Coffee Event in September 2016 and raised £410.70.
  • Organised ‘Jeans for Genes’ day in September 2016 and raised £193.25

Name of Pupil Council Members

  • P2: Aiden Whyte, Chloe Irvine
  • P3: Stevie Duncan, Katie Gray
  • P4: Millie McKay, Curtis Wallace
  • P5: Victoria Niven, Cayden Henderson
  • P6: Liam Watt, Sienna Turner
  • P7: Emma Nicol, Jorja Duncan